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Prestige is A+ in my opinion...

I just purchased a car from Prestige Auto Sales II. 

I visited several dealerships and found that Prestige offered the best options for me at the best price. 

Being a difficult customer, when it comes to big purchases - I made several stops and test drives prior to purchasing a car. Each time the staff was always pleasant to deal with. 

They were very knowledgeable of their inventory. They took the time to listen to my needs in a vehicle as well as my wants. Never once did I feel as if I was being "sold" a vehicle just to make a sale. 

I read the reviews on this dealer ship and was pleased to see that there was only one negative review. But saddened that I didn't find more positive reviews. 

They allowed me to look at 4+ vehicles and worked with me while i went through my check list, and was open and honest with me about each of their vehicles. They had a few that even though they were good vehicles, they were upfront about them not being what I wanted or needed and I thought this was a great attitude to have! I appreciate honest and upfront dealings. 

The car I chose was not a new car and had some minor issues. Each issue that was wrong with it, (a loose window switch panel and a faulty gas cap) but everything was repaired before I took possession of the vehicle. Just as they promised! 

From beginning to end - they set the standard so that I knew from the beginning, what to expect from them and their vehicles. They even said that if I had any issues with the car that they would do what they could to help me out. I hope that I never have to take them up on that offer, but I feel like I made a wise and informed decision on my vehicle, as well as having purchased it from an honest dealer who bases their business on good business practices! With the fact that I bought a used vehicle, something could break or go wrong tomorrow, but I do know that I purchased my car without a warranty / as is! But I don't have any worries that if I were in a bad situation, that the friendly staff at prestige would make every effort to help me out in a pinch! 

I highly recommend this dealership.. This is a dealership that others should use as a role model. They work on honesty and good customer service and made me feel very comfortable from beginning to
end... It has now been a week since I purchased my car from them and I have no complaints about them or my car! 

Prestige is A+ in my opinion... 

Thanks again guys for all your help and hard work in making my purchase go as smoothly as possible.